Treats from Halloweens Past

Bust-outs, covers, costumes, guest sit-ins, tricks and treats…a Halloween show just hits a bit different. Explore some of our favorite Halloween concerts from years past, all available to stream with a free trial. There’s a lot more out there too, so do some discovery and find the show that’s sure to shake your bones.

  • Billy Strings2021/10/31 in Asheville, NC
    • The Wizard of Oz themed three-night run concluded with debut covers of the Rolling Stones, The Doors, Elton John, and more. Billy was dressed as the Scarecrow.

  • Billy Strings2022/10/31 in Asheville, NC
    • ‘Away from the Shire’ was a three night celebration of The Lord Of The Rings, culminating with special-guest drummer Duane Trucks of Widespread Panic and tributes to Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and Black Sabbath.

  • Billy Strings2023/10/31 in Grand Rapids, MI
    • Oh yeah! Filled with guests and smack downs, the ‘Van Andel Scramble’ took the Halloween themed show to a whole new level, with a wrestling ring and guests ranging from Duane Trucks to Bill Nershi, Sierra Hull, Molly Tuttle and more.

  • Big Something2021/10/31 in Wilmington, NC
    • Night three of their 2021 Halloween run billed as “Talking Something”, a tribute to the Talking Heads

  • Dave Matthews Band1998/10/31 in Oakland, CA
    • From one of the most well-regarded tours in the band’s history, and their last Halloween concert to-date, this show has long been hailed a classic and every performance is a highlight.

  • Eggy2022/10/31 in Charleston, SC
    • Dressed as different eras of Elton John, Eggy went undercover and performed nine songs by Elton John, while welcoming special guests from Doom Flamingo to join on keytar and vocals.

  • Dead & Company2019/10/31 in New York, NY
    • This was the first show Dead & Company played together after the passing of lyricist Robert Hunter, and the first two sets featured songs that Hunter had co-written. The show began with the four original Grateful Dead members performing an emotional rendition of “Ripple,” one of Hunter’s many masterpieces.

  • The Disco Biscuits2015/10/31 in Syracuse, NY
    • Their first Halloween show in 5 years, a disco and funk extravaganza with debut covers and guests the Philly Stray Horns plus singer Alita Moses.

  • Frank Zappa1977/10/31 in New York, NY
    • By 1977, Frank Zappa’s Halloween shows were already the stuff of legends, and this special night capped off six historic shows over a course of four nights

  • Goose2021/10/31 in Worcester, MA
    • The Austin Powers’ themed evening consisted of rare covers like the “Dr. Evil Rap”, “My Generation”, “I’m A Believer” and more.

  • Gov’t Mule2013/10/31 in Oakland, CA
    • One of the many special Mule-O-Ween’s, this 2013 show featured Robby Krieger of The Doors for all of set 2, with a setlist focused on The Doors catalog reimagined.

  • Gov’t Mule2022/10/29 in New Orleans, LA
    • The band returned from set break in full costume, inspired by the 1984 rockumentary Spinal Tap. Warren Haynes and co. then ran through tunes from the classic film, with seven debuts and help from The Levee Horns.

  • Grateful Dead1971/10/31 in Columbus, OH
    • There were friendly spirits indeed at play on this Halloween night, a gem of a show from early in Keith Godchaux’s tenure with the Dead.”

  • Greensky Bluegrass2022/10/29 in San Francisco, CA
    • In a venue where the Grateful Dead spent many nights, Greensky Bluegrass went with a Dead themed Halloween set at The Warfield, dressing as the band had in white garb for their 1980 album cover of Go To Heaven.

  • Jerry Garcia Band1992/10/31 in Oakland, CA
    • After three months off the road due to health issues, Jerry Garcia was welcomed by a crowd of 17,000 at the Oakland Coliseum Arena in Oakland, CA. He greeted the crowd with a heart-felt “How Sweet It Is” as his first song back on stage.

  • Leftover Salmon2013/10/31 in Atlanta, GA
    • “Basically Frightened” through “Right Now” with Col. Bruce Hampton. Count M’butu plays congas and percussion the whole show.

  • Lotus2009/10/31 in Baltimore, MD
    • Dubbed “Protein Pills in the Labyrinth”, members dressed up as several David Bowie characters including Ziggy Stardust, Thin White Duke, and Jareth. The band performed 8 Bowie songs that night.

  • moe.2015/10/31 in Philadelphia, PA
    • A “Halloween Star Wars rock fest” with the band members dressed as the movie characters and the show was comprised of Star Wars songs, altered themed lyrics, puns on moe. originals, and never before played covers.

  • Pearl Jam2009/10/31 in Philadelphia, PA
    • The final night of a four-show run at the Spectrum, a massive double encore where in the final set the band came out dressed as Devo and performed live debuts of “Whip It” and “Sweet Lew”.

  • Phish1994/10/31 in Glens Falls, NY
    • Where it all began, a three-set, late-night marathon, with a full-album debut of The Beatles’ The White Album.

  • Pigeons Playing Ping Pong2021/10/31 in Columbus, OH
    • A “Daft Side of the Moon” Halloween featuring mashups of Daft Punk and Pink Floyd songs throughout the night.

  • Pigeons Playing Ping Pong2023/10/31 in Austin, TX
    • The “Talking Radioheads” show featured mashup of originals weaved in and out of songs by the Talking Heads and Radiohead. Members of Dogs In A Pile joined throughout the night to add to the fun(k).

  • The String Cheese Incident2004/10/31 in Madison, WI
    • First Time Played: Peace Train (Cat Stevens), Rock The Casbah (The Clash), I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-to-Die Rag (Country Joe), Rockin’ in The Free World (Neil Young), Revolution (The Beatles) & Take The Power Back (RATM)

  • Umphrey’s McGee2012/10/31 in Silver Spring, MD
    • Dressed as Presidents, a VP, and a First Lady, Umphrey’s McGee threw down in Maryland for a Halloween show for the ages where UM fans got to vote on a full set of covers for an ‘All Night Wrong’ set II.

  • Umphrey’s McGee2014/10/31 in Boston, MA
    • Massive mashups including “Sweet Emotion” x “Walk This Way” x “Funk 49”, “She’s A Bad Mama Jama” x “Give It To Me Baby” and more.

  • Widespread Panic2015/10/31 in Asheville, NC
    • The band debuted 4 covers including “Dooley”, “The Fishin’ Hole”, “Have A Cigar” and “Young Lust”. Fiddle Player Nicki Sanders joined the band on stage for several songs.

  • Widespread Panic 2022/10/29 in Savannah, GA
    • A ‘dream’ themed set and production, featuring ‘sleeper’ covers of The Allman Brothers Band, Tom Petty, Metallica, and more.

  • Widespread Panic2023/10/29 in Savannah, GA
    • Donned in Wizard of Oz costumes, the show pulled from the film’s storyline with a heavy dose of Ozzy and Black Sabbath covers intertwined. In total we heard seven debuts, ranging from Ozzy tracks to Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, Neil Young, Talking Heads and more.

Weekly Live Stash Vol. LVIII, April 28, 2023

Every Friday at 5 pm ET, founder Brad Serling hosts “The Weekly Live Stash” on radio, radio – SiriusXM channel 716. Tune in to hear his selections of the best new live music, and check out this week’s playlist below featuring professionally mixed recordings from Jack White, Bruce Springsteen, Goose, and more. Subscribers can stream this week’s tracks from the #WeeklyLiveStash, only in the mobile app.

  1. Borne
    4/25/23 Eugene, OR
  2. Valley of the Jig
    The String Cheese Incident
    4/22/23 Ozark, AR
  3. Destroyer
    4/21/23 Denver, CO
  4. When My Time Comes
    4/7/23 Houston, TX
  5. Driving Song>Little Wing>Driving Song
    Widespread Panic
    4/22/23 Austin, TX
  6. Wargasm
    Billy Strings
    4/22/23 St. Augustine, FL
  7. A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing>Mr. Completely
    4/23/23 Los Angeles,CA

Hitting the High Seas With Our Favorite Bands

Jam Cruise is always an epic experience. From pool-side acoustic daytime sets to 4 AM super jams in the Jam Room, the boat creates an atmosphere unmatched by any other festival. Truly, nowhere else, can you be sailing the high seas with the certainty that the set you are listening to is a once in a lifetime experience. We asked a multi-year patron about what the vibe of the boat was this year, and she simply answered, “The boat was incredible. If you don’t leave there feeling better and more positive than you didn’t smile at enough strangers.” It’s a beautiful thing, being side by side with colorful costumes and expert musicians, braving a storm in the middle of the Caribbean ocean, all while dancing your way through a cruise ship. Whether you’re trying to recover from your fear of missing out or wishing to relive your best vacation of the year, has you covered! 


Check out our list of select soundboard audio from Jam Cruise 2020, now available to stream and download below:

Steve Kimock Featuring John Kimock, Robert Walter, Reed Mathis, and George Porter Jr.

Listen Here

moe. in the Atrium & the Pantheon Theater

Listen Here

Lotus on the Pool Deck & the Pantheon Theater

Listen Here

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong on the Pool Deck

Listen Here

Lettuce in the Pantheon Theater

Listen Here

Ghost Light (ft. Turkuaz horns) on the Pool Deck & in the Pantheon Theater

Listen Here

Lotus – Live at Red Rocks DVD Now Available

Lotus Live At Red Rocks DVD

Lotus will release its first full concert film, Live at Red Rocks September 19, 2014, on Monday, September 4th. The concert features a set called Talking Heads Deconstructed with guest Gabe Otto singing Talking Heads songs done in Lotus’ signature style.

“The origins of this show start earlier in 2014 when we were approached by a festival to put together a special set. After a few different ideas, we landed on the Talking Heads Deconstructed idea; mixing in our styles and melodies,” states Jesse Miller. “I was little bit wary of the idea initially because the Talking Heads are covered by so many bands in our scene. But, when it all came together, I thought we were able to give these covers a unique spin that really made these songs feel like our own.”

While most Lotus shows include sampled vocals when necessary, the Talking Heads set features Gabe Otto of Denver’s Pan Astral taking on the role of the group’s frontman, David Byrne. “Gabe brought an energy to the stage that took the performance to an even higher level,” says Miller.

The Talking Heads’ music has been a touchstone for Lotus since the beginning. Their early minimalist-CBGB rock style was steeped in groove, and as they added synths, more percussion and African-inspired rhythms, that core groove held strong even as the musical orbit expanded. The same concept holds true for Lotus after being a band for 17 plus years.

Miller says, “I did not envision a three-year long process getting the licensing to use the Talking Heads’ songs on the video, but I am glad our team finally pulled it off and we can share this show.”

Members of Lotus grew up just miles away from Red Rocks Amphitheatre with some even having their high school graduation there. When the band headlined the iconic venue for the first time in 2012, it was the realization of a longtime dream. They become more comfortable as they returned to Red Rocks and quickly made the venue their own.

“For the 2014 production, we used a lighting design that involved draping hundreds of LED bars around the stage. The position of all the bars were mapped into a software program that allowed 3D patterns used. It took so long to set up, but result was unlike any other stage I’ve seen,” Miller recalls.

The DVD is available for preorder at   Buy DVD – $19.95

Audio only of the show is also available in multiple formats at nugs.netBuy Audio